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A Mom's Eye View of the Lexus IS250

A Mom’s Eye View of the Lexus IS250

Poppy Poppy Jan 28, 2015
Much to the disappointment of my spouse, I'm not the biggest car enthusiast. Just like I associate certain vehicle brands with luxury, I associate any car I've owned with fermented… Read More
10 Reasons I'm Never Going Back to Hot Yoga

10 Reasons I’m Never Going Back to Hot Yoga

Poppy Poppy Sep 29, 2014
I’m open to different experiences and new exercise trends. A little urine leakage during a trampoline air aerobics class or hymen left on a fitness pole won't deter my adventurous… Read More
Rare Bird Book Review

Rare Bird Book Review

Poppy Poppy Sep 26, 2014
Anna Whiston-Donaldson did not volunteer to become an authority on early grief. Thrust into the position of poster child for “bad shit happens to good people,” Anna has had a very… Read More
When Female Friendship Ends - My Other Ex

When Female Friendship Ends – My Other Ex

Poppy Poppy Sep 22, 2014
Like most women, I’ve been on most sides of friendships ending. I’ve been flat out dumped, I’ve done the dumping and I’ve been complicit in letting outgrown friendships fade. Simil… Read More
Actionable Advice in New Parenting Book by Dr. Deborah Gilboa

Actionable Advice in New Parenting Book by Dr. Deb…

Poppy Poppy Sep 8, 2014
One of the best feelings as a parent is to have another adult compliment your child’s behavior. It’s nice to receive affirmation you are raising respectable kids. Secretly, though,… Read More

Flying Down the Hood and Limping Toward the Coast 2014


Participating in the famous Hood to Coast relay having never met any of the members on your team is riskier than meeting someone from who doesn’t have a profile picture. Hood to Coast is a 192 mile,12 member relay from Mt. Hood to Seaside. OR. Each person on the team is responsible for running 3 legs of varying difficulty until completion. Basically, you are stuck with your team members Continue Reading...


Green Beans on the Grill for the Lazy Gardener

When I'm dreaming of the fresh produce flourishing on the seed packs at the garden center in early spring, I develop amnesia. Just like the faded pain of labor, I don't remember what a lousy gardener I am until I consider mowing my weeds. Yep, they're that bad. In spite of my lazy ways interfering with good intentions, there are vegetables in there. Somewhere. It might take a machete and Continue Reading...


Bowflex Boost Activity Tracker Postmortem Review


My relationship with the Bowflex Boost was great while it lasted. We may have only spent a few weeks together, but it knew more about me than most of my college boyfriends. Unlike the years I worked off quarter beers by skinny dipping, the Boost kept track of how much activity I needed to rock a Land’s End tankini.  The Boost was the first next generation activity tracker I’ve tried. Continue Reading...


An Intimate Look at the 2014 Hyundai Tucson


If you asked my kids what they did this summer they would probably not mention our trip to Yellowstone, beach vacations, camping adventures, or the hours I logged driving them to and from water sources on the daily. Just like they dime me out to their pediatrician for allowing Otter Pops and forgetting sunscreen, they usually mention playing with the neighbors. Or worse, Mario and Luigi. While I don’t expect Continue Reading...