Funny Christmas Cards From Our Family to Yours

I love Christmas cards. When I only had one kid, I used to hand make them all. As my list and fear of the dog being glitter glued while I was pre-occupied grew, I turned to the glorious internet to help create one of a kind cards. I pride myself on creating funny Christmas cards. 

Sadly, it seems each year I get fewer and fewer. I get they are a pain in the ass, but I send them anyway. Usually, though, I end up paying for rush processing and expedited shipping because I procrastinate. This year, I am making it a point to finish while Tiny Prints still has their Cyber Week specials going. (Affiliate Link – though I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t use them). Specifically, I am going to take advantage of the 25% holiday cards coupon and free shipping over $49.00 through December 8th. Yes, I will spend that much because my cards are legendary and my list is still huge.

I am a big fan of the quality of Tiny Prints. From the ease of use for of the web application in creating cards to the feel of them in my hand, it is a great experience. There is no limit to the creativity. My love for Tiny Prints was solidified last year when I jumped ship and went with a different company for a less expensive option. For the first time since 2007, I didn’t love my Christmas card. 

This year, I am going back to Tiny Prints. Even though my card will eventually hit a few hundred recycle bins post holiday, I want the very best card to showcase our family’s sense of humor. Ok, my humor at the expense of my family.

Funny Christmas Cards Past

I wanted to share a few of my past cards because I want to get as much mileage out of these puppies as possible. Disclosure: I had to stop sending Christmas cards to my mother-in-law because she didn’t think I was nearly as funny as I did.







2009 – AKA the year I shaved my son’s head for Halloween






And another cool thing about Tiny Prints, is the ability to customize the inside of the card, too!

My kids are usually the stars for the annual Christmas card, but my husband has taken one for the team a time or two.

I am still undecided on this years card though I am determined to get them done by Sunday. Perhaps I could showcase pictures from hanging with 7000 naked bike riders when I turned 40. So do you still send traditional Christmas cards, e-cards, or forget it all together? 

(If you haven’t checked out Tiny Prints for yourself, you totally should. They have great deals this week, including 35% all gift items on Friday)

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  • Alison ,

    OMG I LOVE THEM ALL!! My favorite is the one from 2008. Oh wait, no, 2009.
    Okay I love them all!!!!
    Alison recently posted…Do More Of What Makes You HappyMy Profile

  • Nicole ,

    Love your hilarious take on the fam Christmas card! Alison @ Writing, Wishing sent me your way.
    Nicole recently posted…Holiday Links for People Who Love to LaughMy Profile

  • Elaine Schoch ,

    Too funny! And reminds me to get a move on mine…

  • Rebeccafaith ,

    OMG LOL These are great! You must never stop sending cards out because they are epic.
    Rebeccafaith recently posted…A List of 7 Badass BloggersMy Profile

  • vinma ,

    I love all of these cards. Your kids are adorable :)
    vinma recently posted…Google Nexus 7- Versatility at its Best!My Profile

  • Elle ,

    Hysterical Poppy. It helps to have such cute kids. 😀
    Elle recently posted…6 Little Things You Can Do To Make The Most Of YourselfMy Profile

  • Cher ,

    OMG, hilarious!! I love making cards like that because I accomplish a few things: I embarrass the kids – I mean, I teach them how to raise their children (i.e. “pay it forward”) – and I piss off a few people that I won’t have to send cards to the next year!
    Cher recently posted…Build a Rustic End TableMy Profile

  • LindySez ,

    2008 cause it’s the first one I got :-)
    LindySez recently posted…Crab Mac n CheeseMy Profile

  • Rae Buchanan ,

    Poppy, I’m just jealous I hadn’t thought of doing funny cards like that!!! It is so much harder finding “good” pictures than the ones that show the real deal.
    Rae Buchanan recently posted…Adorable Lollipop Reindeer Christmas Crafts For KidsMy Profile

  • Nina ,

    I love that you do the funny ones! So clever and original.
    Nina recently posted…The Special Club For Late Night ReadersMy Profile

  • vanita ,

    OMGawd I died i died. oooh my sides hurt. girl i hope your kids grow up with your sense of humor. if they don’t, well i hope i’m living somewhere tropical by then so you can come hide out. 😀
    vanita recently posted…Affiliate Marketing For BloggersMy Profile

  • Andrea ,

    I LOVE your captions. Especially the one “keeping it real.”

    This is the first year that I took over the Christmas cards – my husband always did it in the past. I included a less-than-perfect photo, and I have to say that I’m really looking forward to sending them out – late, of course.

  • julie gardner ,

    I love your lumpy, bruised, nose-picking family.
    Keeping It Real.

    (Which is probably not the name of an Adult Video, by the way.)

  • Lady Jennie ,

    Poppy! You are so risqué! I am totally cracking up at these! :-)

    And I think it’s amazing that you continue to send them out. I think it’s the overseas postage for me. The last one we did was for William’s birth 6 years ago and I sent out about 100. That put me back quite a bit.
    Lady Jennie recently posted…FrostMy Profile


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